Current: Application 21/1381/FUL
Erection of 2 Additional Units
(+90,000 Broilers)


History: Pre Application Notice Nov 2020
Erection of 2 Additional Units
(+90,000 Broilers)

History: 18/0475/FUL
Erection of 2 Poultry Units
(90,000 Broilers) Approved


River Wye SAC:  885m
Colwyn Brook Marshes: 695m
River Wye SSSI: 1.1km
Llanelwedd Road Verge Nature Reserve (RVNR): 1.5km
Newmead: 2.25km
LLanewedd Rocks: 2.5km
Banc Hirllwyn: 2.8km
Trecoed/Castle Crab: 3.1km
Pen-Cerrig Stream Section: 3.5km
Coed Mawr Quarry: 3.5km
New Castle Meadows: 3.5km
Neuadd & Tylelo Mires: 4.5km
Coed Mawr Fields: 4.9km
Gwern-Yfed-Fach Quarry: 4.9km
Nearest Watercourse
Cnithio Brook: 3m


258 records of protected and priority species within 2km inc.
numerous Environment (Wales) Act 2016 bird, insect, plant, lichen & fungi species

Soprano Pipistrelle & Noctule Bats
Whiskered & Brown Long-eared Bats
Brown Hare | Common Lizard
Red Kite | Peregrine
Great Crested Newt:  100m
Owl:  100m
European Otter: 700m
Fresh Water Crayfish & Fairy Shrimp: 700m
Atlantic stream crayfish: 950m
Bullhead: 950m
River lamprey: 950m
Brook lamprey: 950m


Residential: Grade II Listed
117m | 280m | 485m
180m | 200m | 320m | 360m
720m | 4.2km | 4.25km
“4. The existing attenuation pond is located in Flood Zone B, on land known to have been flooded in the past, as evidenced by sedimentary deposits. An alluvial belt of Pleistocene to Recent age is associated with this stretch of Cnithio Brook.
5. Although the Development Advice Map shows no fluvial flood risk, Surface Water and Small Watercourses Extent Mapping shows a fluvial flood risk from Cnithio Brook to the attenuation pond, but not to the proposed sheds.”

Flood Risk Report, June 2021, Lidar-Logic

“The environmental impact of the development is small. Based on the evidence put forward within the application, the impacts of the development on the landscape, amenity and the environment as a whole do result in any material harm.”

Design & Access Statement, July 2021, Ian Pick

(a typo, or an honest statement???)

“There are some residences and commercial properties in the area surrounding the site of the poultry unit ….. the closest residences are at …. approximately 180 m and approximately 220 m to the south-west …. 360 m to the west ….. approximately 410 m to the west-north-west and …. approximately 320 m to the east-northeast.”

Odour Report, January 2021, AS Modelling and Data Ltd.

NOTE: nearest residence is at 117m to the South East

AGENT: Ian Pick & Assoc.

Planning: Ian Pick & Assoc.
Ecology: Emms & Barnett
Noise Pollution: Matrix Acoustic Design Consultants
Ammonia & Odour Pollution: AS Modelling & Data Ltd.

CASE OFFICER: Louise Evans

Tamsin Law