Keeping a Distance ?

Whilst commenting on a Powys planning application, Public Health Wales put forward the following information;
“While health effects among farmers exposed to high levels of bioaerosols are well documented, there is also a potential impact on respiratory health among communities, especially children, living near intensive farming operations. The most recent published review of the literature recognised the potential impact on children…but also concluded that the current evidence is not sufficient to recommend an increase in the distance…from 100m to 250m; the latter being the limit used for composting facilities. Until more robust evidence becomes available, Public Health Wales recommends that local planning authorities and regulators ensure that, where there are sensitive receptors within 100m from the boundary of an intensive farming operation, the applicant undertakes a detailed risk assessment that objectively considers how the operator will effectively manage and minimise emissions including ammonia, odour and bioaerosols.” Nov 2021


Written evidence submitted to the EFRA Committee’s inquiry into Labour Shortages in the Food and Farming Sector by the British Poultry Council states that prior to 2021 60% of the British poultry meat sector workforce were EU Nationals. Due to the effects of Brexit the industry is now reporting an average vacancy rate of 16%. The BPC are now calling for the government to implement a scheme designed for non-UK labour to enter the UK over a period of two years. Meanwhile… EVERY planning application for a new or extended poultry unit seeks to justify its construction by citing the employment created within the local community…


The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, Christianne Glossop has confirmed the presence of avian influenza H5N1 in poultry and wild birds at a premises in the Wrexham County Borough area. Poultry News – November 2, 2021

Confirmation of Avian Influenza in a Worcestershire wild bird rescue centre near Droitwich Spa, Wychavon, puts additional pressure on the shoulders of British poultry meat producers Poultry News – October 27, 2021


Wales worst hit part of UK for vet shortages – Wales has seen an 8% increase in the number of veterinary job listings over the past month, according to Eville & Jones, the leading supplier of official veterinary controls in Europe. The company has over 30 vacancies for veterinary roles in Wales, including area managers, export veterinarians, certification support officers and meat hygiene inspectors, making it the area with the most vacancies in the UK. Usually, vets from within the EU have plugged the shortfall in the UK, but since Brexit, this number has dropped rapidly.”
Poultry News – October 18, 2021