21/1826/FUL | 2nd November 2021
Change of use of 2 existing units
(-32,000 layers, +77,000 Broilers)
Erection of 2 Additional Broiler Units
(+104,000 Broilers)
total proposed birds on site = 181,000
total addition to site = 149,000

NOTE: Previous Planning granted for total 21,000 layers, Current DAS states 32,000 layers on site.
Postcode on PCC website stated as LD1 5SP

History: P/2008/0095
Erection of 1 unit (@ Ref SO 16 SW)
(6,000) Approved 23 Jan 2008

History: P/2012/0937
Erection of 1 unit (@ Post Code LD1 5SY)
(15,000) Approved 22 Aug 2018

History: P/2018/0602
Section 73: vary time restriction condition of P/2012/0937
Refused 19 July 2019

History: P/2018/0607
Section 73: vary time restriction condition of P/2008/0095
Refused 23 July 2019

History: 19/1308/REM
Section 73: vary time restriction condition of P/2008/0095
Approved 05 Jun 2020

History: 19/1309/REM
Section 73: vary time restriction condition of P/2012/0937
Approved 05 Jun 2020


River Ithon/Wye Tributary:  185m
Cae Llwyn:  1.6km
Cae Cwm-Rhocas:  1.7km
Howey Brook Stream Section: 3km
Meeting House Quarry: 3.5km
Bach y Graig Stream Section: 3.5km
Ithon Valley Woodlands: 3.6km
Graig Fawr: 3.7km
Llanfawr Quarries: 4.1km
Lake Wood: 4.2km
Caeau Coed Mawr: 4.5km
Coed Aberdulas: 4.7km

Nearest Watercourse
Field drain to River Ithon: 72m


European Otter: 185m
Atlantic Salmon: 185m
Bullhead: 185m
Brook Lamprey: 185m
River Lamprey: 185m
Heronry: 1.7km


360m | 610m | 630m
3 Holiday Lets
1.2km | 1.7km | 3km
3.2km | 3.3km | 4.8km
“The existing poultry unit currently extends to 2 No. egg laying units which accommodate up to 32,000 laying hens…It is proposed to change the use of the existing egg laying units to broiler chicken production, and to erect 2 No additional poultry houses on the site. This application relates to the erection of the 2 No. additional poultry houses which are proposed to …have a capacity of 52,000 birds per building, with the total capacity of the expanded poultry unit being 181,000 birds.”

DAS – Ian Pick Sept 2021

NOTE: Previous Planning P/2008/0095 & P/2012/0937 granted for total 21,000 layers on site – the current capacity is stated as housing ‘up to’ 32,000, but the actual number of birds on site is never stated.

In readiness to change the usage of the site from layers to broilers conditions stipulating delivery times on the original grant of planning had to be amended, hence applications P/2018/0602 and P/2018/0607. On these applications the PCC Ecologist stated in regards to ammonia depositions;

“The detailed modelling predicts that the process contribution of the proposed poultry unit would exceed the upper threshold for the Critical Level of the River Ithon SSSI/River Wye SAC over approximately 4.0km stretch, and the critical load over approximately 3.1km stretch of the River Ithon SSSI. Exceedances of the lower threshold percentage of the critical levels are predicted to impact upon approximately 4.8ha of Cae Cwm Rhocas SSSI, 21.2km stretch of the River Wye SAC. Exceedances of the lower percentage of the critical loads are predicted to impact upon approximately 5.0ha Cae Cwm Rhocas SSSI, 2.8ha of Cae Lwyn SSSI”.

She goes on to note that whilst bad, “these predicted exceedances would represent an improvement when compared to the existing process contributions to ammonia concentrations and nitrogen deposition…. (although) 4 receptors along the River Wye SAC were shown to potentially increase in impact to the River Wye SAC.”

These applications were subsequently refused, but not on the basis of the potential pollution, but because of the lack of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The EIA was then produced using exactly the same data and results, reapplied for as 19/1308/REM and 19/1309/REM and was subsequently approved at planning.

In addition to this proposal being so close to the River Wye SAC, it  is also sited just 1km away from the Neuadd Isaf Poultry farm currently housing 152,000 Broilers with another 106,000 in the pre-submission pipe-line (Roger Parry & Ptnrs).  Despite the recent amendments to the Local Development Plan (DM2) requiring applications for IPUs to account for ‘cumulative and in-combination impacts’, according to Ian Pick Associates;

“Cumulative ammonia impacts of this proposal are not required to be considered as the proposals represent an improvement / betterment scenario, when compared with the existing operational poultry farm. “

DAS P16 – September 2021

No mention of the next door unit has been made to date, and the ‘in-combination’ impacts of the resulting potential 439,000 broilers less than 200m from the Ithon Wye tributary has not been calculated in either application.

NB: both applications exceed critical levels in their own right

AGENT: Ian Pick & Assoc.

Planning: Ian Pick & Assoc.
Ecology: Emms & Barnett
Noise Pollution: Matrix Acoustic design
Ammonia & Odour Pollution: AS Modelling & Data Ltd.

CASE OFFICER: Louise Evans