Current: 21/0059/FUL – PP-09417351
Erection of Additional Unit
(+55,000 Free Range Broilers)

History: 18/0463/FUL
55,000 Broilers
History: P/2009/1238
24,000 FR Broilers


River Wye SAC/SSSI:  1.2km
Upper Nantserth pasture SSSI:  500m
Elan Valley Woodlands SAC : 1.7km
Elenydd-Mallean SPA:  1.75km
Cwm Gwnyllyn SSSI: 1.8km
New House Meadow SSSI : 1.9km
Nearest Watercourse
Field Drain to Nant Serth: 135m
Nant Serth Wye Tributary: 300m


Badger: on site
Red Kite: 1.75km
Merlin: 1.75km


230m | 330m | 350m
920m |1.3km | 1.9km | 2km

NOTE: There are 3 internationally designated sites within 10km of the proposed development site and 15 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) within 5 km of the proposed site
“The unit will house 220,000 birds between the 4 buildings. This application seeks to add a second poultry building on the site. The total number of birds would double from 55,000 to 110,000.”

Design and Access Statement –  Berrys

“Please note, there appears to be inconsistencies in the stated number of birds for this proposal. These inaccuracies can be found on page 5 point 2.4 of the Design and Access Statement and in point 1.3, page 4 and 5 of the Environmental Statement.”

NRW Response April 2021

AGENT: Berrys

Ecology: Turnstone Ecology Ltd.
Ammonia & Odour Reports: Isopleth Ltd
Noise Assessment: Ion Acoustics Ltd.

CASE OFFICER: Gemma Bufton