Current: 20/1833/FUL
Conversion of 1 Unit
Erection of 3 Additional Units
(-32,000 Layers)
(+220,000 Broilers)

History: P/2008/1068
32,000 Layers

SAC & Waterways

Coedydd Llawr-y-glyn SAC: 4.9km
River Severn:  3.2km
Afon Trannon:  290m
Afon Cerist : 985m
Nearest Watercourse
Field Drain: 98m

Scheduled Monuments
MG324 Caersws Roman road: 215m
MG016 Cefn Carnedd Camp: 2.7km
MG083 Pen y Castell Mound & Bailey Castle: 2.8km


Swallow: on site
Pied Wagtail: on site
Woodpecker: 4.9km
Redstart: 4.9km


80m | 110m | 300m | 340m | 400m | 560m
730m |2.5km | 2.8km | 3.1km | 3.9km | 4.7km

“The most similar recent application within the Powys Council area was Application Reference 19/0710/FUL: Erection of three new broiler accommodation buildings, conversion of existing free range building into a broiler accommodation building, renewables shed, feed bins, and associated yard area and infrastructure at Glanmiheli Farm Chicken Units, Kerry, Newtown, Powys SY16 4LN. This application was approved on 6th March 2020.”

Justification cited by Isopleth Ltd., Odour Impact Assessment July 2020

“Section 3.5 of the submitted ammonia report states that aratio of 80% indoor to 20%outdoors is being usedin the ammonia emission calculations,whereas the third bullet point then refers to 12% outdoor deposition. The correct split used by all regulatory bodies is 80:20. This should be amended to reflect the accepted split.

We have reviewed section 11.13 of the ES datedOctober 2020 by Berry’sand offer the following comments. Page 5of 7Section 11.13 of the ES refers to recommendations, mitigation and enhancement measures and water treatment and discharge methodswhich include some pollution prevention measures. We consider that the information provided does not address our concerns in respect of potential pollution of watercourses and a pollution prevention plan is required.”

NRW Response January 2021

“Councillors note that the only improvement, in relation to the highway, is for one lay-by to be constructed. In light of the above concerns, Councillors feel that this is not enough to ensure the safety and accessibility required and request that this be reviewed.Councillors are also aware of the increasing concerns across the County in relation to the pollution of our rivers for which poultry units have sometimes been blamed.
Some Councillors are concerned over the amount of poultry units within the area and the accumulative effect this may have on many aspects of the locality.
Trefeglwys Community Council reiterates its feelings on the exclusion of third party comments from the planning portal. Many local people are not aware that if they do not inform the Community Council directly then Councillors are not aware of their comments and opinions on applications and developments which make it harder for the Council to ensure that it is aware of and inclusive of all local opinions on such matters.
Trefeglwys Community Council again asks for Powys County Council to review this decision in order to reinstate the third party comments. Councillors did not feel that they were able to vote and fully comment on this development without the full knowledge of the feelings of the local community and would ask that the Community Council is allowed access to this information in order to make a full and representational decision which is inclusive of the whole community that it serves..”


AGENT: Berrys

Ecology: Turnstone Ecology Ltd.
Ammonia & Odour Reports: Isopleth Ltd
Noise Assessment: Ion Acoustics Ltd.

CASE OFFICER: Gemma Bufton