Application 22/0015/FUL
Resubmission – Erection of 2 Additional Units
(+76,000 Pullets)

Application 21/0226/FUL
Erection of 2 Additional Units
(+76,000 Pullets)

Erection of 1 Unit
(38,000 Pullets)


River Banwy/Einion:  1.4km
Cors Cefn Llwyd: 3km
Gweunydd  Ger Fronhaul:  3.1km
Coed Ty-Mauw: 3.3km
Ffrid Mathrafal: 3.8km
Coed Byrwdd: 3.9km
Cors_Ty-Gwyn: 4.9km
Nearest Watercourse
Spring & Well: on site


No Detailed Ecology Survey

Recorded within 2km
Natterers bat
Great Crested newt


Caravan Park
48m | 150m | 290m | 360m | 400m
1.7km | 1.9km | 2.1km | 2.2km | 2.6km | 3.2km | 3.7km | 4.3km

“We have significant concerns with the proposed development as submitted”
“The Manure Management Plan states that manure is to be spread at 245.8kg N/Ha with any excess to be exported off site. We acknowledge that the MMP states that any excess manure will be exported off site and a letter dated 5thFebruary 2021 from Gamber is included within the document which confirms that they are willing to purchase all poultry litter from the site.
However, no calculations showing area of land available to spread dirty water has been provided and the document states it will be spread to land or taken to a slurry pit. Whilst a phosphate loading calculation per hectare of land available for spreading has been included in the Manure Management Plan and the plan makes claim that soil analysis shows fields are currently under the phosphate indices, no evidence of the soil sampling has been provided.
Chapter 10 of the Environmental Statement (dated August 2020 by Roger Parry & Partners LLP) is in respect of Ecology. Paragraph 10.1 of this chapter states that Protected Species Surveys have been undertaken to inform the ES.However, we are not aware of the baseline survey reports and these do not appear to be available on you Authority’s planning portal.
We can also confirm that we did not see any protected species surveys or any other ecological report during the pre-application consultation.
As with all planning applications, we anticipate that your Authority has screened the application for the likelihood of protected species and,if required,and where there is a survey report, you will consult us at that time.Until that time, we can only offer advice that the field surveys mentioned in the ES do not have any supporting baseline reports or assessment reports, and therefore we cannot provide you Authority with advice or assurances that the development will not impact on protected species”

NRW Response April 2021

“Overall Conclusions:
In most cases, even without mitigation, the environmental impacts due to the proposed poultry development are predicted to be insignificant. This has been achieved by appropriate location and design of the proposed poultry installation. Even where significant impacts have been identified many will be effectively reduced to insignificant by the use of appropriate mitigation. Indeed, in some areas, negative impacts will be altered to positive impacts via the application of mitigation and enhancement measures (particularly in relation to traffic and ecology).”

Non Technical Summary – Roger Parry Sept 2020

AGENT: Roger Parry & Partners

Roger Parry & Partners
Ammonia Report: AS Modelling & Data Ltd

CASE OFFICER: Gemma Bufton