Pre-Submission 31st March 2021
Erection of 1 Unit
(+32,000 FR Layers)


River Tanat:  320m
Penygarnedd Mine:  1.7km
Tanat & Vyrnwy Bat Sites: 1.7km
Coed Yr Allt: 2.5km
Garth-Eryr: 3.5km
Pistyll Rhaeadr: 4.9km
Nearest Watercourse
Ford to Tanat: 150m


No ecology survey as yet


165m | 205m | 290m | 330m
1.2km | 2.7km | 3.2 km

“During thesummer months from the beginning of May to the end of September manure will not be stored near to residential areas.”
Private water supplies 3.39:  One private water supply is within 140m of the site, as the property is within 140m. However, a buffer is provided of a minimum of 50m between the ranging area and the private water supply. No manure will be spread within 50m of any borehole, spring or water supply, and 10m of any watercourse, and in accordance with COGAP and SSAFO Regs (Wales).”

Draft DAS Roger Parry March 2021

AGENT: Roger Parry & Partners

Roger Parry & Partners
Ammonia Report: AS Modelling & Data Ltd