Current: 19/0743/FUL 
Erection of 2 Additional Units
(+110,000 Broilers)

“Controversial Knighton bird farm back before planners”

County Times Article | 17 May 2021


River Teme: 735m
Gwernaffel Dingle : 2.5km
Brampton Bryan Park : 5km
Ancient Woodland: 387m
Nearest Watercourse
Llanshay Dingle: 280m


Within 500m
Wall Butterfly
White-letter Hairstreak
Palmate Newt
Smooth Newt

Great Crested Newt: 195m


Grade I Listed:
Stanage Historic Park and Garden 3km
Grade II Listed:
390m | 430m
1.2km | 3.9km

NOTE: “An ammonia report prepared by AS Modelling & Data Ltd has been submitted in support of the application. This report indicates that the proposed development will lead to increased level of ammonia in the registered historic park and garden. The report suggests that this level will not be significant, but we have also seen a review of this report, produced by Michael Bull & Associates that concludes it is not possible to have confidence in the outcome of this assessment. Cadw are therefore concerned that increased ammonia may have an impact on mycorrhizal fungi leading to an adverse effect on historic trees in the historic park and garden.”

CADW Response May 2021

“In the applicant’s Ammonia Modelling Report the ammonia concentrations … at ancient woodland sites…show that the process contribution of ammonia at these sites would be above 1%of the critical level for ancient woodlands…. In summary, the Woodland Trust objects to this planning application on the basis of damage and deterioration to numerous ancient woodland sitesfrom increased ammonia pollution.”

Woodland Trust Response October 2019


Extracts from the decision NOT to call-in the application for Welsh Government Approval September 2020

The requests for the application to be called included the following considerations:

• The proposal is contrary to Objective 4 of the Powys LDP in relation to transitioning to low carbon Powys.
The Delegated Officer’s report has regard for some climate change issues such as emissions impacts arising from the proposal and the principle of reducing imported food stock, which may result in reduced greenhouse emissions from transportation.
• The Environmental Statement submitted with the application is insufficient and does not comply with EU Directive 20/92.
It is not for the Welsh Ministers to review the adequacy of decisions of local planning authorities in relation to environmental statements unless the application comes before them for decision. There are no procedural issues that raise issues of more than local importance in relation to EIA.
• There has been no consideration of the development on local water supplies.
Dwr Cymru was a statutory consultee on the application which advised the site falls within a Drinking Water Protected Area under Article 7 of the Water Framework Directive. The Officer’s Report has regard to this advice and proposes a condition to be attached to any planning approval to prevent the contamination of drinking water.
• The need for such a development has not been demonstrated.
When considering whether or not to call in an application, the main issue being considered is whether the application raises issues of more than local importance. The issue of need is a commercial and economic matter which is being dealt with by the LPA.
• Powys CC refuses to publish objections to applications on to its website.
There is no obligation to publish third party representations. This is an administrative decision entirely for the Council and has no bearing on the call-in request.
• Letter from Wales’ Chief Planning Officer
The Officer’s report highlights the comments made by the Chief Planning Officer in relation to poultry units close to sensitive areas and cumulative impacts. The Report concludes that, taking into account all national policies and conditions recommended, the development is unlikely to unacceptably affect the environment. The report has due regard to the letter received from the Chief Planning Officer.
• Allowing Environmental Permits to be assessed using pre-April 2017 guidance
The application for the Environmental Permit was submitted before April 2017. NRW confirmed to the LPA that the Permit would be assessed using the pre-April 2017 threshold figures.This is a matter for NRW as the organisation responsible for issuing an Environmental Permit.

T Davies, Head of Decisions Branch, Planning Directorate

AGENT: Ian Pick & Assoc.

Planning: Ian Pick & Assoc.
Ecology: Emms & Barnett
Noise Pollution: Matrix Acoustic Design Consultants
Ammonia & Odour Pollution: AS Modelling & Data Ltd.

CASE OFFICER: Louise Evans