Erection of Additional Broiler Unit
(+55,000 Broilers)

Erection of Additional Broiler Unit
(+55,000 Broilers)

SACs / SSSIs / Waterways

River Mule:  2.7km
River Severn:  4.1km
Montgomery Canal:  4.5km
Hollybush Pastures: 3.5km
Nearest Watercourse
Brook to Mule: 160m
Ancient Woodland Includes:
Drefor Dingle: 200m
Coed Cilthriw: 290m


Within 500m
10 priority species inc.
Barn Owl
Brown Long-eared Bat


Built Heritage
Adjacent to MG135 Fron Derw Wood Camp
Cadw ID 17298 Snowfield
Cadw ID 17299 Outbuilding at Snowfield
230m | 310m
285m | 1.7km | 2.9km | 3.4km | 3.7km | 4.4km
within planning boundary
public footpath 94

“The business is more than confident that the poultry unit can be a success and supplement the current farm profits. It is vital that the site increases to 110,000 birds as presently all companies are looking to work with larger units. The business …is proposing the Poultry Unit to secure a sustainable future for the business and to allow family succession.”

“The proposed building is separated from the existing farm complex for two principal reasons;
1} The difficult highway access to get vehicles through the existing farm yard to a site behind the existing farm buildings.
2} Initial ammonia modelling of two alternative sites on the farm, closer to the farm complex resulted in ammonia exceedances upon adjoining ancient

DAS Roger Parry May 2020

“We have significant concerns with the proposed development as submitted.”


“The following matters must be addressed:

1.Risk maps (Maps doc 13A)-The consultant has stated that fields 6631 and 0455 have been removed from manure application….but the MMP Rev a 18 12 2020 shows the total spreadable area as 215.34 Ha, which is the same figure on the previous version. The figure for land available for spreading must be checked.

2.Total calculations of Nitrogen (N)in MMP –All livestock, housed and grazing must be considered for a full 12-month period.The MMP uses the guide of 250kgN/ha farm limit for total nitrogen, which is currently the upper recommended limit and not the recommended limit for all farms.

3…more information is required on the manure contingency measures. No measures have been provided for the storage of contaminated wash water during an event of disease outbreak. Contaminated manure and wash water must be stored separately to other wash waters and manures, as per section 7 of the table provided in NRW guidance GN021. “

NRW Response February 2021

AGENT: Roger Parry & Partners

Planning: Roger Parry & Partners
Air Quality: AS Modelling & Data Ltd.

CASE OFFICER: Louise Evans