Erection of 2 Broiler Units
(+112,000 Broilers)

SACs / SSSIs / Waterways

River Mule:  98m
River Severn:  2.3km
Montgomery Canal:  2.6km
Hollybush Pastures: 3.5km
Nearest Watercourse
Field Drain: 10m


Llanmerewig Glebe Wildlife: Trust 1km
Songthrush | Meadow Saffron
Willow Warbler
In The Area?
Natterers Bat

No Ecology Survey Provided


Residential: Grade II Listed
180m | 187m | 219m | 240m | 349 | 361 | 390
2km | 2.1km | 2.5km | 3km | 4km

“It is clear that, in most cases, even without mitigation, impacts are generally insignificant. This has been achieved by appropriate location and design of the proposed poultry development. Even where significant impacts are identified many are effectively reduced to insignificant by the use of appropriate mitigation. Indeed, in some areas, negative impacts are altered to positive impacts via the application of mitigation and enhancement measures (particularly in relation to traffic and ecology). There are no impacts that remain significantly negative.”

“Carbon off-set: The poultry development would result in emissions of carbon dioxide. However the fossil-origin carbon dioxide emitted from the proposed facility would be offset as a result of avoided emissions from a reduction of transportation via air travel using fossil fuels.”

DAS Roger Parry February 2019

“However, it should be noted that there is a discrepancy of the number of birds on site between documents that will need to be clarified/revised prior to undertaking any in-combination/cumulative assessment. It is stated that there will be 110,00 birds on site within the Scoping Report, Design and Access Statement, Manure Management plan. Within the Environmental Statement Sections 4.2, 12.7.6 and 12.7.9 it states 112,000 birds. However, within the Detailed the proposed poultry houses would provide accommodation for up to 112,000 broiler chicken sates within section 3.6 Quantification of ammonia emissions Table 2. Details of poultry numbers and ammonia emissions rates – that the animal numbers are 100,000. ”

“In respect of protected species, no reference appears to have been given to who carried out detailed protected species surveys. This may mean that surveys may not have been carried out in accordance with the provisions of nature conservation legislation.”

NRW Response August 2019

AGENT: Roger Parry & Partners

Planning: Roger Parry & Partners
Air Quality: AS Modelling & Data Ltd.

CASE OFFICER: Louise Evans