Application 19/1490/FUL
Erection of 1 Unit
(+32,000 FR Layers) Re submission Oct 2019

Application 18/0689/FUL
Erection of 1 Unit
(+32,000 FR Layers) REFUSED July 2019


Montgomery Canal: 72m
Claypit Nature Reserve: 1.8km
Breidden Hill: 2.5km
Gweunydd Ty Brith: 2.4km
Moel y Golfa: 3.7km

Nearest Watercourse
Field Drains to River Servern: on site

Bele Brook: 500m
River Severn: 1.5km

NRW Floodmap Zones 1&2
within ranging plan


within 1 km

Polecat | Badger | Otter
Hedgehog | Brown Hare | Cuckoo
Barn Owl | Fieldfare | Redwing
Song Thrush | Starling | Bullfinch
Dunnock | Marsh Tit | Black Redstart
Grey Partridge | Tree Sparrow
Curlew | Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Herring Gull | Kestrel
Yellow Wagtail | Spotted Flycatcher 
Bewicks Swan | Whooper Swan
Black-Headed Gull | House Sparrow
Grass Snake | Peregrine Falcon


140m | 165m | 230m |345m | 413m

Ardleen Village

270m | 2.6km (app) | 3.5km | 5km

Bridleway 65: abuts site

“An Appropriate Assessment of the application has therefore been undertaken to determine whether the proposed development would result in an adverse effect on the integrity of the European site. The report concludes the proposed development as submitted would result in an adverse effect to the integrity of the Montgomery Canal SAC in light of its conservation objectives… In the absence of feasible alternative solutions or compliance with Regulation 64, it is recommended that the application is REFUSED in accordance with Powys LDP Policy DM2, Planning Policy Wales, The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 and The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (as amended). “

Planning & Highway Ecologist September 2020

“We continue to object to the proposed development, and recommend that planning application is refused, as it would damage the special interest features of the Montgomery Canal Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). “

NRW June 2021

AGENT: Roger Parry & Partners

Roger Parry & Partners
Ammonia Report: AS Modelling & Data Ltd
Habitat Survey: Arbor Vitae Environment Ltd

CASE OFFICER: Gemma Bufton