Application P/2018/0566
(+32,000 FR Layers)


River Banwy:  260m
River Vyrnwy: 7.5km
Mawnog Gwaunynog: 2.2km
Cors Lawnt: 1.6km
Coed Y Lawnt a Coed Oli: 2.7km
Gwaun Wern-y-wig: 3km
Gwaun Efail Wig: 4km
Bryn Coch: 4km
Gweunydd Ger Fronhaul: 4.5km
Coed Copir Graig: 4.7km

Nearest Watercourse
Issue to River Banwy: 90m


No ecology survey on planning portal

White Clawed Crayfish: 260m

within 4 km
Snipe | Curlew | Hare
Spotted Orchid


350m | 390m | 450m
3km | 3.3km | 3.7 km | 4.1km | 4.9km
“Llanerfyl Community Council response to planning application P/2018/0566
Councillors unanimously oppose this application for the following reasons:
We have serious concerns to the safety of all of the vehicles using the road which is very narrow with no passing places for over 1km. Widening the entrance onto A458 does not address this issue. This residential area is not a suitable location for a commercial production unit with the heavy machinery/hgv which accompany this type of operation.
No additional information relating to the highway has been provided with regards to traffic speeds at the entrance onto A458.A detailed transport plan has not been provided.
“In-combination assessment’ – This information is incorrect. It refers to an unrelated address to that of the proposed location.
Llanerfyl community council recommend this application to be refused.”

April 2019 (note the ‘in-combination’ report co-ordinates are for a site 2.2km to the east)

“We object to the proposed development and recommend the planning application is refused, as it would damage the special interest featuresof the Mawnog Gwaunynog SSSI.
The background levels of ammonia in the area are already above the ammonia exceedance levels for the Mawnog Gwaunynog SSSI. As the predicted process contributions from this proposal are equal to and above the 1% threshold, we consider that the impact of the development as proposed will only add to the damage already being done to the features of the SSSI. This is also contrary to Planning Policy Wales 6.4.17 and 6.4.21, Technical Advice Note 5 Nature Conservation and Planning, and your Authority’s Local Development Plan Key Issue 12, Objective 11 –Natural Heritage, Section 3.2.28, Strategic Objective 7 (SP7) and Policy DM2 –The Natural Environment.”

NRW Response february 2021

AGENT: Roger Parry & Partners

Roger Parry & Partners
Ammonia Report: AS Modelling & Data Ltd

CASE OFFICER: Gemma Bufton