Pre Submission 21st October 2021
Erection of 1 Unit
(+38,000 Pullets)


Bryngwyn Hall Stables and Coach House SSSI/SAC: 2.4km
Hendre, Llangedwyn SSSI/SAC: 2.6km
Garth-Eryr SSSI/SAC 3.2km
Coed Yr Allt SSSI: 4.9km
Nearest Watercourse
Field Drain: 70m S
Brook: 72m N
Afon Cain: 478.5m S
River Vrynwy: 3.5km S


No Ecology Survey

Recorded within 2km
Endangered Lesser Horseshoe Bat


100m | 105m | 130m | 156m | 185m | 270m | 320m | 345m
Grade II Listed
on site | 250m | 380m
4.5km | 4.6km

Public Right of Way
through middle of site

Roger Parry states that “The manure produced from the poultry unit will be exported off site by Gamber Logistics Ltd”
Gamber Logistics Ltd state that they “are willing to purchase ALL of the poultry manure from the site.”
However tables included in the report show annual predicted manure of 26,220Kg generated by the pullets, and only 20,360kg manure being exported, leaving nearly 6 tonnes of pullet manure unaccounted for.
Whilst that extra amount is legally within the applicants’ spreading license, its the phrasing and obfuscation making it ‘look like’ there won’t be any chicken shit spread that can REALLY ANNOY the neighbours! (if everything is above board what’s the problem with telling it like it is one wonders?)

Manure Management Plan – Roger Parry October 2021

NOTE: the spreading zones are up to the boundary of neighbouring residences. In similar circumstances (18/0475/FUL Wernhalog Poultry Unit LD2 3TE) The planning committee added a condition that no manure whatsoever was to be spread in the two fields that adjoined the neighbouring residential property. It could be said that a precedent was set ….?

AGENT: Roger Parry & Partners

Roger Parry & Partners
Ammonia Report: AS Modelling & Data Ltd